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The Importance of Video at your Wedding

Johnny Ortiz

Imagine you are at your wedding reception, colorful flowers adorn the tables and a gorgeous cake awaits your guests in a beautifully lit corner of the room. All your friends and family have gathered to congratulate you on your special day and everything is perfect. Your father or mother is giving a speech about how they gave up everything in their life to provide you the best childhood possible. They talk about the difficulties you faced growing up and how you overcame them, when suddenly tears start swelling up in their eyes and they begin crying as they struggle to get the words out. You run up to hug them as you share an emotional moment you will never forget…or will you?

You receive your wedding photos a few weeks later only to look back on that emotional time trying to remember everything that was said in that speech, but the photos do not provide any words or sounds of the ambiance during those touching few minutes.

If only you had video to capture that amazing moment.

This is the importance of video.

Often times we meet potential clients that are only interested in having photography for the wedding. While photography is crucial to any special event, video captures something that photos can never capture…living and breathing moments in time.

Video allows you to hear and see your ceremony vows, first dances, speeches and funny reception dance moves that can never be recreated. Sadly, in many cases it also allows us to look back on friends or relatives who are no longer with us. Many times people overlook the potential that video can provide over photos and immediately after their wedding they regret not choosing to also have video on their wedding day.

So when you are busy planning your wedding and choosing your vendors, do not forget to also consider booking a professional videographer that will effectively highlight your entire day into a beautiful video that can be shared with all your friends and family forever.

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